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Peak XV is embarking on an exciting venture, taking founders from India, Southeast Asia, and Australia to the heart of tech innovation—Silicon Valley. The initiative follows last year’s independent leap from Sequoia Capital.

  • Exclusive Network Expansion: Approximately 60 founders involved in Peak XV’s Surge program will get a chance to meet with industry leaders and visit cutting-edge AI research facilities.
  • Strategy and Insight Sessions: The itinerary boasts strategy workshops with OpenAI and Nvidia leaders and insights from figures such as Sequoia’s Doug Leone, Uniphore’s Umesh Sachdev, and DoorDash’s Gokul Rajaram.
  • Beyond Financial Investments: Dubbed “Immersion Week,” this event reflects Peak XV’s commitment to providing value beyond capital, securing its place in the highly competitive race to discover and nurture the next wave of AI innovators.
  • Strategizing for Global Impact: Indian startups are actively exploring how to evolve and capture international markets. Peak XV’s ‘Immersion’ provides the ideal platform for such strategic thinking and global networking.
  • Post-Split Momentum: Since separating from Sequoia, Peak XV has been aggressive in expanding its expertise and networking reach, asserting its presence across multiple continents.

Involved in orchestrating “Immersion Week” are Peak XV’s Managing Directors Shailendra Singh, Rajan Anandan, Harshjit Sethi, Ashish Agrawal, and Surge Partner Pieter Kemps, according to a TechCrunch-sourced email. While Peak XV has kept quiet in the immediate response, the anticipation for the outcomes of this trip is unquestionably high.

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