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OKX Ventures, fresh off its $100M infusion into HashKey Group, dives deeper into the Bitcoin ecosystem with a key investment in Bitmap Tech.

  • Funding Details: Terms of the deal remain undisclosed.
  • Innovation on the Rise: At the heart of Bitmap Tech’s innovations lies the Merlin Chain, a Layer 2 solution designed to make Bitcoin transactions lightning-fast.
  • Empowering Bitcoin: Merlin Chain isn’t just speedy—it’s transformative, boosting Bitcoin’s utility by enabling Layer 1 assets and services to thrive on Layer 2.
  • Leaders in Optimism: Dora Yue, the mind behind OKX Ventures, anticipates Bitmap Tech’s potential to pioneer advanced and comprehensive Bitcoin services.
  • Growth Trajectory: The injection of new capital propels Bitmap Tech’s, led by CEO Ivan Myashkov, mission to augment the Bitcoin ecosystem and surge its liquidity to new heights.

With $100M starting capital, OKX Ventures arms itself to support crypto innovations, backing ventures like Omega, Renzo, and DexTools.

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