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Notion, a productivity suite, is bolstering its commitment to privacy with the acquisition of Skiff, an encrypted platform for storing files, crafting documents, scheduling calendar events, and secure emailing.

  • Skiff’s Journey: Founded in 2020 by the duo Andrew Milich and Jason Ginsberg, Skiff had successfully raised $14.2M across two funding rounds, backed by investors including Sequoia Capital, Alphabet’s John Hennessy, Yahoo’s Jerry Yang, Eventbrite co-founders Julia and Kevin Hartz, Balaji Srinivasan, and re–Inc founder Jenny Wang.
  • Beyond Google Docs: Establishing itself as a secure contender to Google Docs, Skiff expanded its offerings with its versions of calendar and email tools, echoing a growing industry trend toward streamlined, secure productivity solutions.
  • Transition Strategies: While Skiff is set to cease operations in six months, it assures users of a seamless transition, with explicit mentions on their support page regarding data export and migration opportunities to alternate services.

Notion, founded by Ivan Zhao, Chris Prucha, Jessica Lam, Simon Last and Toby Schachman, is on an acquisition streak. Skiff followed the earlier integration of Flowdash in 2022, and prior to that, the assimilation of Cron and India’s, enhancing Notion’s capabilities through various service integrations.

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