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Orient Growth Ventures celebrates a major milestone with the successful close of their latest financial endeavor, Orient Growth Fund II. Targeting the vibrant startup scenes of Southeast Asia and India, this second fund has secured $90M in commitments—a testament to their prowess, multiplying their initial $25M raised in 2020 by more than threefold.

  • Background: With their inception in 2019, Orient Growth Ventures is shaping the investment landscape by seamlessly connecting the dots between discerning European investors and the bustling venture capital ecosystems of India and Southeast Asia.
  • Portfolio: Partnerships with leading local VC firms such as AC Ventures, Jungle Ventures, and TNB Aura speak volumes of their industry impact.
  • Diverse Backing: A mix of European high-net-worth individuals, innovative entrepreneurs, and family offices from both Europe and Singapore form the backbone of their investor base.
  • Market Optimism: Ricardo Bun, a managing partner at Orient Growth Ventures, echoes the collective investor sentiment, highlighting their confidence in the Indian and Southeast Asian market potentials.

This new chapter for Orient Growth Ventures not only marks a significant infusion of capital into these emerging economies but also reaffirms the firm’s commitment to fostering growth and innovation across continents.

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