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CodeSignal, supported by Index Ventures and Menlo Ventures, introduces CodeSignal Learn. This fresh learning hub, designed for those eager to dive into tech topics, features a twist—a friendly AI helper named Cosmo.

  • Personalized Learning Journeys: Cosmo, the AI bot, customizes your learning path asking about your goals and experience level. They offer access to hundreds of courses, from novice programming to complex subjects like data analytics and machine learning.
  • Gamification That Motivates: Founded by Tigran Sloyan, Aram Shatakhtsyan, and Felix Desroches, CodeSignal Learn adopts a gamified approach with energy bars for a dynamic, game-like learning experience.
  • Story Behind the Platform: Originally named CodeFight, the company launched in 2014 as a competitive coding platform, evolving into CodeSignal in 2018 with an emphasis on technical assessment.
  • Future Plans: The platform also eyes expansion into enterprise solutions, targeting a tailored experience for large organizations.

CodeSignal’s journey includes a recent $50M Series C fundraising, aiming to achieve profitability without an imminent need for extra capital. With 200 employees onboard—a substantial growth from 70 in 2021—CodeSignal is gearing up for an impactful presence in the tech education space.

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