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Doxa Holdings, the flourishing Singaporean fintech startup, has recently caught the eye of investors with its digital procurement platform.

  • Innovative Solution: Doxa’s digital platform, Doxa Connex, seamlessly interlinks the core players in supply chains — buyers, suppliers, and financiers — fostering a digitalized and integrated workflow.
  • Secured Funding: With a fresh injection of capital from Cento Ventures, Doxa is poised to extend its reach into Malaysia, further scaling its innovative platform.
  • Founding and Function: Established in 2019 by a trio of visionaries — Edmund Ng, Leon Yeo, and Henry Kwan — Doxa Connex is more than a platform; it’s a digital ecosystem providing a unified source of data that ensures authenticity and enables profound data analytics.
  • Industry Impact: Though initially focusing on the construction sector, Doxa has recognized its platform’s potential across various industries, including logistics and healthcare.
  • Addressing Supply Chain Financing: With their digital procurement system, Doxa is pioneering a way to reduce financial risks through anchor financing, where SMEs capitalize on their invoices with prominent buyers, thereby enhancing their creditworthiness.

Marking its success, Doxa secured US$2.2 million in a pre-Series A round in 2022, underscoring a transformative year and providing a glimpse into a future replete with digital-enablement for the supply chain industry.

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