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London’s Episode 1, a venture capital firm with a focus on nurturing early-stage startups, proudly announces the launch of its third investment fund, securing a significant $95M.

  • Investment Focus: The fund plans a rigorous yearly schedule, targeting 10-15 pre-seed and seed-level ventures. While UK-based startups are the primary beneficiaries, Episode 1 is also eyeing potential in U.S. and European markets.
  • Diverse Investment Range: The firm strategically allocates funds from £250,000 to £3M, investing in sectors like AI, TechBio, software infrastructure, health tech, and various marketplaces.
  • Proven Track Record: Episode 1 boasts 69 startups under its wing, with companies like Carwow, Huboo, CloudNC, Raft, Robin AI, Fatmap, and Omnipresent. Impressively, 73% of these companies have successfully secured Series A funding, a rate triple the industry average for their stage.
  • Prominent Backers: Episode 1’s newest venture has drawn in £20M cornerstone commitments from British Patient Capital and the National Security Strategic Investment Fund, with contributions from Molten Ventures.

Remarkably, a substantial portion of this fund’s limited partners (LPs) are founders themselves – a vote of confidence from those at the helm of industry innovation, including figures like Alex Chesterman and Aidan Corbett.

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