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160 Robinson Rd, #14-04
Sit Rd, SBF Center, Singapore 068914

Izote Biosciences is introducing its latest technique: oxygen-free fermentation. Unlike traditional methods, Izote’s innovation thrives without oxygen, paving the way for a leap in bio-based product production.

  • Groundbreaking Funding: With a successful pre-seed round of $2.6M last October, they’re poised to push boundaries.
  • Leadership: Named after El Salvador’s national flower, Izote was founded by Victor Manuel Reyes-Umaña, with Samuel Atwood bringing his McKinsey experience as co-founder and CEO.
  • Synthetic Biology Roots: The company builds on altering genomes to create valuable substances for varied industries. They promise over 70% lower capital expenses and significantly higher gross margins.
  • Initial Focus and Growth Strategy: Izote is initially targeting the fragrance and flavor sectors, chatting with big names in perfumery. Future plans extend to versatile production across food, cosmetics, and more.
  • Venture-Backed: Supported by several venture capitals, including Embark Ventures and EGB Capital, the company has $2.6M in funding. Bee Partners, FTW Ventures, Nucleus Capital, Courtyard Ventures, Climate Capital, and were also in participation.

Within 18 months, Izote aims to outstrip current market productivity by at least 50%.

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