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Amazon is transforming the retail experience with Rufus, an AI shopping assistant designed to simplify your online shopping journey.

  • Say Hello on Thursday: Rufus debuts this Thursday, initially for a small group of Amazon mobile app users, promising a more intuitive and conversational shopping experience.
  • Goodbye Keyword Searches: No more sifting through results with generic keywords. Rufus understands natural language—just chat away about your needs and preferences.
  • Informed by Data: Rufus draws on Amazon’s vast product catalog, customer insights, community Q&As, and web sources to provide accurate, relevant advice—whether you’re choosing between running shoes or searching for the best cold-weather golf gear.
  • Beta Insights: The launch allows Amazon to finetune this AI model, promising continuous enhancement based on user feedback—minus the ads, for now.
  • Interact with Ease: Activate Rufus within the app and chat through voice or text, seamlessly returning to your shopping with a simple swipe.

With an eye on improvement and a commitment to excellence, Amazon is taking its first step into generative AI’s “early days,” acknowledging the need for and dedication to ongoing refinement.

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