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Hukumonline, a digital legal service provider in Indonesia, successfully secured Series B funding with investment coming from Media Development Investment Fund (MDIF).

  • Undisclosed Funding: While the total investment amount remains confidential, the potential it unlocks for the company is substantial.
  • CEO’s Visionary Approach: On LinkedIn, CEO Arkka Dhiratara outlined the company’s ambition to revolutionize legal services with the investment.
  • RCS Expansion: Hukumonline will channel the funds into enhancing its premier product, the Regulatory Compliance System (RCS), a tool that enables enterprise clients to check and monitor legal compliance in real time.
  • AI Innovation: The company is poised to launch what is known as Indonesia’s first generative AI tool within the legal sector.
  • Background: Since its inception in 2000 by a group of legal exponents and attorneys, Hukumonline has established itself as a trusted source of information on Indonesia’s laws and regulations.
  • MDIF’s Continued Support: NY-based MDIF, a previous investor of Hukumonline, continued its investment tradition, having previously contributed during the Series A rounds in 2017 and 2020 through its Emerging Media Opportunity Fund, a testament to sustained investor confidence.

Reflecting on its broader global influence, MDIF has invested a staggering $311M in 150 media companies across 47 countries, advocating for the growth and innovation of media and information services.

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