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Genetic Design and Manufacturing Corporation (GDMC), a company at the forefront of designing and manufacturing advanced genetic therapies, has successfully procured $21M in a Series A funding round.

  • Investor Participation: The investment round was spearheaded by Asian private equity firm, Celadon Partners. Other prominent participants included WI Harper Group, SEEDS Capital, and NSG Ventures.
  • Use of Funds: The newly acquired funds are earmarked to boost novel technological and process efficiency improvements. This in turn will drive substantial manufacturing cost reductions, benefiting partners looking to progress their medicines through clinical trials and towards commercialization.
  • Partnership Model: GDMC has developed a Partnership for Drug Manufacturing Organization model that supports companies, including startups, from drug design to market entry. This includes design, manufacturing, quality assurance, and regulatory support.
  • Business Model: GDMC’s partnership approach is focused on enhancing genetic medicine design and development via synthetic biology. Its model leans on three market-relevant pillars: success-based partnerships with sponsors, technical innovation, and significantly lower cost of goods. The team has already acquired its first clients and is presently accepting reservations for the clinical and commercial facilities set to open between 2024 and 2027.

The company is currently building a 155,000 sq ft facility that will cater to pre-clinical, clinical, and commercial needs for Cell, Gene, and Nucleic Acid Therapies (CGNT).

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