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RagaAI, a pioneering startup aiming to diagnose and fix flaws within AI systems, has successfully closed a $4.7M seed round. The fund, which was led by pi Ventures, also saw participation from firms including Anorak Ventures and TenOneTen Ventures.

  • About the Founder: RagaAI was founded by Gaurav Agarwal, an alumnus of chipmakers Nvidia Corp. and Texas Instruments Inc. Agarwal brings to the table his firsthand experience of AI failures at Nvidia and Ola, emphasizing the urgency to prevent such scenarios, especially in high-stake AI applications such as cancer detection and AI-powered recruitment tools.
  • RagaAI’s Problem-solving Approach: The Silicon Valley-based startup employs foundation models to identify and rectify AI-related issues, such as hallucinations or a failure to incorporate crucial real-time data.
  • Future Plans: The seed funding will be directed towards research and team expansion, predominantly for their group of 40 engineers based mainly in Bangalore. RagaAI currently collaborates with several major clients in ecommerce, aeronautics, and medical imaging industries and has helped them reduce failure rates by 90%.

As per a PwC study, AI could potentially contribute a whopping $15.7T to the global economy by 2030. However, much of the present action is fixated on model and application development, as opposed to error diagnosis and testing, thereby underscoring the significance of startups such as RagaAI.

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