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Artisse, an AI-powered photo creation app that allows users to generate dynamic photos using uploaded selfies, has successfully raised $6.7M in seed funding. This follows the viral attention garnered by AI selfies, positioning Artisse at the forefront of this emerging trend.

  • About the Founder: William Wu, an investment and strategy expert with previous roles at McKinsey & Co. and Oaktree Capital, founded Artisse. He was inspired by the popularity of ‘perfect’ photos on social media platforms and sought to make professional photography accessible via a smartphone.
  • Artisse’s Unique Approach: Unlike its competitors, Artisse prioritizes photorealism. Users can upload their photos, which are processed through the app’s proprietary model, to generate new images that can potentially replace the need for professional photography.
  • Performance and Reach: Artisse has been a top photo app on the Google Play Store in various markets, including the U.S., U.K., Japan, South Korea, Canada, and Australia. With over 200,000 downloads to date, the app’s images have reached an estimated 43 million people across social media platforms.

The startup’s $6.7M seed funding round was led by The London Fund. With this funding, Artisse is set to leverage its AI tech beyond just consumer photos, promising a bright future for its users.

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