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The Philippines is emerging as a crucial cybersecurity battleground, compelling global firms to establish their presence. The most recent entrant is the cybersecurity behemoth, NCC Group, which inaugurated its largest office outside the UK in Taguig City’s Bonifacio Global City.

  • Demand for Cybersecurity: NCC Group CEO, Mike Maddison, highlighted the increasing demand for contemporary cybersecurity services in the country. The government, which needs stringent protective measures for delicate data, could be a substantial customer for NCC Group.
  • Potential Sectors: Maddison identifies potential in the banking, pharmaceutical, and technology markets within the Philippines. These industries handle customer personal data and need effective cybersecurity solutions to preempt and tackle digital breaches.
  • Best Data Protection Portfolio: NCC Group’s COO, Kevin Brown, emphasized the company’s position as a leading provider of cybersecurity software. Their collaborations with international authorities like Interpol guarantee that their efforts have the endorsement of respected information security institutions.
  • Local Employment & Expansion Plans: The NCC Group currently employs 70 individuals in Manila and has plans for expansion, indicating a commitment to harnessing local talent. It is in discussions with leading universities for collaboration in developing Filipino cybersecurity workforce.
  • University Partnerships: As part of their collaboration with universities, NCC Group aims to assist in shaping the IT curriculum and provide training to graduating students interested in cybersecurity careers.

The need for robust cybersecurity has been highlighted by recent malicious attacks on the Philippines, especially targeting its government. The ransomware attack on the state-run Philippine Health Insurance Corp in 2023, which led to a massive data leak, stands as a stark reminder of the threats that necessitate such cybersecurity initiatives.

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