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Build a Rocket Boy, a game development company with roots in Scotland, and founded by Leslie Benzies, a key developer of the Grand Theft Auto series, has recently announced a successful Series D funding round, securing an impressive $110M. This news comes in anticipation of the launch of the company’s first titles and an immersive open-world platform.

  • Company Profile: Leslie Benzies, previously known for his role as the president of Rockstar North and his significant contribution to the Grand Theft Auto series from its third installment in 2001, founded Build a Rocket Boy. After a contentious departure from his former company in 2016 and a legal dispute over game profits, Benzies shifted his focus to his new venture. Initially titled Royal Circus Games, the company underwent a rebranding to become Build a Rocket Boy in 2018, amidst claims from Rockstar Parent company, Take-Two Interactive, that the original acronym was misleadingly similar to Rockstar Games.
  • Product Features: Build a Rocket Boy is working on a promising immersive open-world platform, “Everywhere”, which emphasizes “community-driven gaming”. This platform allows players to design their own world, likened to Roblox. A “story-driven action adventure” named MindsEye is also in the works. Both titles are expected to launch in the near future. Additionally, the company plans to roll out a set of user-generated content (UGC) design tools, Arcadia.
  • Funding Utilization Plans: The company has not provided specific details regarding the usage of the newly raised capital. However, the funding came from RedBird Capital Partners, NetEase Games, Galaxy Interactive, Endeavor, Alignment Growth, Woodline Partners, and GTAM Partners, among others.

Alongside its headquarters in Edinburgh, Build a Rocket Boy has established development hubs in Budapest, Hungary, and Montpellier, France.

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