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Singapore’s agtech startup, DayaTani, recently secured $2.3M in seed funding. The round saw enthusiastic participation from leaders such as Ascent Venture Group and others, including KBI Investment, MDI Ventures, Northstar Ventures, BRI Ventures, and Gentree Fund.

  • Company Profile: Established in 2023 and founded by Deryl Lu and Ankit Gupta, DayaTani works to amplify yield outcomes for Indonesian farmers. The collaboration extends across multiple research and development sites in Java Island, honing its focus on horticulture and grain crops.
  • Innovative Solutions: DayaTani is actively developing a combination of hardware and software, which includes data-driven models for precise farming recommendations, such as optimal fertilizer use based on real-world conditions. These products are then offered to farmers via a profit-sharing model.
  • Introducing Agritech Chatbot: Adding to its innovation portfolio, DayaTani recently launched a semi-bionic agronomist chatbot. This chatbot, accessible through its app and WhatsApp, allows farmers to pose agriculture-specific queries and leverage multimodal capabilities for accurate crop issue diagnosis.
  • Notable Partnerships: In a partnership with Microsoft Singapore, DayaTani is in the process of developing additional chatbots, specifically tailored to meet agricultural requirements.

Within the coming year, DayaTani aims to install over 100 IoT devices across Java to establish a weather station network. This network will provide localized weather data, further enhancing farming decisions based on climatic conditions.

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