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OpenAI has introduced its GPT Store, a platform dedicated to personalized AI applications, as announced in a recent blog post. The GPT Store, nestled within the widely acclaimed ChatGPT chatbot, allows users to explore and create customized AI for specialized tasks such as math instruction or sticker design.

  • What Does This Mean: The GPT Store represents OpenAI’s expansion strategy, building on the consumer popularity of ChatGPT, which made waves in the AI world with its human-like writing skills, producing prose and poetry that left users in awe.
  • User Availability: The GPT Store is set to initially be available to users with paid ChatGPT subscriptions, and over the next few months, OpenAI plans to offer options for GPT creators to generate income from their personalized AIs.

OpenAI also announced the release of ChatGPT Team, a corporate version of ChatGPT that businesses can subscribe to for their employees’ use. ChatGPT Team provides data segregation, ensuring that information entered into the chatbot is kept private within the company.

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