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Paris-based startup, Nabla, recently secured a $24M Series B funding round, led by Cathay Innovation and ZEBOX Ventures, boosting its valuation to $180M. The funding follows a major partnership with Permanente Medical Group, a division of US healthcare giant Kaiser Permanente.

  • AI Copilot for Medical Staff: Founded by Alexandre Lebrun, Delphine Groll and Martin Raison, Nabla offers an AI copilot for doctors and medical staff, acting as a silent partner that takes notes and writes medical reports. The AI can seamlessly integrate into both in-person and telehealth appointments, using speech-to-text technology to transcribe consultations and transform them into comprehensive medical reports.
  • Efficient and Customizable Reporting: Utilizing an LLM refined with medical data, Nabla can identify crucial data points from consultations, generate a detailed report in minutes, and offer customization to fit doctors’ needs.
  • Expanding Role of AI in Medical Practice: Nabla aims to save doctors’ time on administrative tasks, allowing them to focus more on their patients. Lebrun envisions a gradual increase in AI’s role in healthcare, providing clinical assurance support, then clinical decision support, and potentially even autonomous healthcare in areas lacking access.
  • Privacy and Data Handling: Nabla prioritizes data privacy. Audio and medical notes are not stored on their servers unless consent is given by both the doctor and the patient. Nabla focuses on data processing rather than data storage, with the audio file being discarded after consultation and the transcript stored in the EHR already in use by doctors.

Currently available as a web app or Google Chrome extension, Nabla is being used daily by thousands of doctors, primarily in the U.S. due to its rollout across the Permanente Medical Group. The company predicts a rapid improvement due to processing over 3 million consultations per year in three languages.

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