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OpenAI is all set to launch an online platform – the GPT Store. The innovative chatbots, known as GPTs, can be custom-designed, eliminating the need for coding experience.

  • Pushing Forward: The GPT Store was originally scheduled to launch in November, after its announcement at OpenAI’s developer conference. However, the change in the CEO’s position led to a delay in the rollout.
  • Product Offering: The platform will allow users to share custom versions of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which can be tailored to perform various tasks, such as teaching math to kids or mixing colorful cocktails. However, developers wishing to list their GPTs will need to ensure compliance with OpenAI’s updated usage policies and brand guidelines.
  • Benefits and Pay Outs: Despite the excitement, there is uncertainty about the revenue-sharing scheme, if any, for developers. Further details are expected to be announced next week.

OpenAI’s transition from an AI model provider to an AI platform indicates its ambition to democratize AI app creation, which may impact consultancies building similar apps for customers. The unfolding of this development is eagerly awaited.

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