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Tech in Asia just announced their successful acquisition by SPH Media, a milestone for the company. The specifics of the deal including the cash/shares split and performance-based metrics are yet to be disclosed.

  • Customer-Centric Approach: Their prime focus remains on producing top-tier content and organizing engaging events for cherished customers. They plan to extend our conferences to more markets this year. And, according to an article by Willis Wee, Tech in Asia’s CEO, expect an enhanced UX to deliver quality experiences and engage more effectively.
  • Company Background: Tech In Asia’s last funding was in 2017 when Korea’s Hanwha led a $6.6M round at a valuation of around $27.5M. More than 10 years old, TIA had been pitching itself to potential acquirers and investors at a valuation of $30M-$40M even before Covid.
  • Post Acquisition Plans: SPH plans to combine Tech In Asia with Business Times, its financial and business outlet. The acquisition will expand SPH’s coverage of the technology industry which is growing rapidly in Southeast Asia. The deal will also incorporate Tech In Asia’s events business which specialises in tech shows in Singapore and Jakarta.

This deal comes amidst the growing trend of media acquisitions in Southeast Asia. Despite the rarity of outsized returns, these transactions are seen as investments in the ecosystem — essential for its growth and development.

While SPH plans to operate Tech In Asia and Business Times as separate brands during the 12-18 month post-integration process, the future beyond that remains less clear.

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