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Shield AI, a defense technology startup, recently boosted its Series F funding round with an additional $300M in equity and debt financing, reaching a total of $500M, as reported by TechCrunch.

  • Funding Details: $200M in equity was secured in November, $100M in fresh equity at Series F pricing, and $200M in debt finance from Hercules Capital, though the source of the added equity remains undisclosed.
  • Valuation Standing: This new injection raises Shield AI’s valuation to $2.8B, a slight increase from the $2.7B valuation in November.
  • Current Project: The startup is focusing its efforts on the development of an “AI pilot” to transform aircraft into autonomous systems. Shield AI’s flagship product, Hivemind, will enable groups of aircraft to operate independently, free from reliance on remote operators, communications, or GPS.
  • Other Offering: The company’s newest product, V-BAT Teams, operates hand-in-hand with Hivemind, facilitating autonomous and coordinated missions of V-BAT drones.

During a recent Senate hearing, the company’s President and co-founder, Brandon Tseng, stressed the significance of AI-piloted systems in our defense strategy, describing them as “the greatest military deterrent of our generation.”

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