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LiveIn, a proptech firm based in Malaysia, has raised $8.3M in its pre-series B funding round.

  • Leading the Pack: Wavemaker Partners and InterVest took the helm in this funding round, with key contributions from Malaysia Debt Ventures (MDV), Jungle Ventures, and CAC Capital.
  • Market Moves: Currently operating in Malaysia and Thailand, LiveIn has plans to spread its wings into new territories like Vietnam and Indonesia by 2024. The company aims to widen its footprint in the Philippines while also targeting fresh urban zones.
  • Evolution Tale: Once known as Hostel Hunting, LiveIn transformed in 2018, shifting gears from a property owner marketplace to becoming a long-stay rental solutions provider.
  • Workforce Dynamism: With a team of 120 individuals, LiveIn is marching steadfastly towards its goal of onboarding 10,000 rooms onto its platform.
  • Spotlight Statement: Keek Wen Khai, co-founder and CEO of LiveIn, highlighted the surging demand for affordable long-stay rentals, particularly among young people seeking quality living spaces and autonomy.
  • Expansion Tactics: In a strategic move, LiveIn, co-founded by Joey Lim, acquired Malaysian firm KT Management in May, fortifying its position in the local accommodation rental market.

LiveIn’s journey from Hostel Hunting to a multifaceted prop-tech entity showcases adaptability and vision in meeting evolving market needs.

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