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Bengaluru’s Kitchens@ secures $65M in Series C funding from London’s FinNest, marking a significant stride in reshaping India’s cloud kitchen landscape.

  • Changing the Game: Kitchens@, founded by Junaiz Kizhakkayil, emerges as a key player in the food and supply aggregator sector, making waves with strategic alliances with companies like Swiggy and Beenext.
  • New Horizons: Finnest, known for investments in various sectors like renewable energy and smart cities, ventures into the food and beverage domain.
  • The Dinerium Model: Kitchens@ sets its sights on expansion, focusing on Dinerium, a hybrid model blending offline and online dining experiences. It promises diverse premier brands and aims to foster connections during meals and corporate gatherings.
  • Strategic Expansion: The recent acquisition of Swiggy Access Kitchen propels Kitchens@ to 6 major cities, spanning 45 locations and boasting a network of 700 kitchens, consolidating its position in the market.
  • The Finnest Touch: Finnest, a BNP Group Company, founded by Indian-origin entrepreneurs, specializes in supporting early-stage technology startups across sectors like fintech, healthcare, and renewables.

This infusion of funds promises to fuel Kitchens@’s innovative approach toward dining experiences and strategic growth across India’s food industry.

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