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During the Pandemic, online shopping surged intensifying the prominence of warehouse and fulfillment solutions. Amazon led for over a decade, while companies like Locus, 6 River Systems, and Fetch (now Zebra) formed partnerships with top retailers.

  • Enter GreyOrange: Headquartered near Atlanta, Georgia, GreyOrange emerged in 2011, just before Amazon’s Kiva deal. Over the years, it has secured notable clients such as Walmart Canada, Nike, and H&M.
  • Funding Success: GreyOrange secured substantial funding, including a $140M Series C in 2018 and a recent $135M growth financing Series D.
  • Building a Full-Stack Solution: The company focuses on a comprehensive warehouse, fulfillment, and 3PL solution. This encompasses autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) akin to Kiva, forklifts, bin systems for picking, and proprietary fleet management software.
  • Funding Allocation: CEO Akash Gupta highlighted that the latest funding will drive the delivery of cutting-edge systems to customers. Advancements will likely focus on enhancing robotics efficiency and adaptability.

GreyOrange’s success and continuous innovation serve as a glimpse into the expansive potential of robotics in redefining warehouse operations. As the industry advances, the question of “What’s next?” sparks excitement for the endless possibilities awaiting exploration.

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