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Sehat Kahani, a Pakistan-based healthtech startup, connects users across 350+ cities to healthcare experts in just a minute. Co-founder Sara Saeed Khurram‘s experience post-maternity led to the inception of Sehat Kahani in 2017, offering 2.6 million+ consultations to date.

  • Founding Story: Sara Saeed Khurram recognized telemedicine’s potential during her break from practicing medicine, leading to Sehat Kahani’s establishment. Founded with Iffat Zafar Aga, the startup recently secured a $2.7M Series A round led by Amaanah Circle, a Singapore-based health tech fund.
  • Diverse Investors: Apart from Amaanah Circle, backers included Epic Angels, Cross Fund, USAID Investment Promotion Activity, Augmentor, Impact Investment Exchange, and the Elahi Group.
  • Platform Offerings: Sehat Kahani’s B2C platform offers pay-as-you-go or subscription-based access to doctors, labs, and e-pharmacy services, with 62 e-health clinics nationwide.
  • B2B Services: Serving 800+ corporate clients, the B2B arm grants employees and families access to online doctors, outpatient department management, and e-pharmacy services through employers or insurers.
  • Expansion Plans: Utilizing fresh funds to invest in technology, hire talent, and expand operations beyond Pakistan into the Middle East and North Africa.
  • Pre-Series A Success: Before the Series A round, Sehat Kahani secured $1 million in its pre-Series A funding in 2021, setting the stage for its accelerated growth.

Sehat Kahani’s rapid growth, diverse service offerings, and expansion plans reflect its commitment to revolutionizing healthcare accessibility, marking its trajectory as a beacon of innovation in the health tech domain.

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