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Biorithm, a company based in Singapore and the US, just received a significant financial boost of $3.5M in Series A funding.

  • Funding Highlights: Co-led by Adaptive Capital Partners and SEEDS Capital, the goal is to expand Biorithm’s connected pregnancy management solutions across Southeast Asia and the US and focus on doubling reach and advancing R&D efforts.
  • What’s Biorithm All About: At its core, Biorithm aims to tackle preventable pregnancy complications. Shockingly, 800 women face mortality due to these complications daily. The company’s mission revolves around remote monitoring of maternal and fetal biometrics using protocol-based approaches.
  • The Breakthrough Technology: Femom enables patient monitoring and provides personalized guidance. It integrates predictive analytics aiding clinicians to spot early signs of complications.
  • CEO’s Vision: Amrish Nair, the founder and CEO, emphasizes the urgency behind their work. He addresses the collapse of maternal care due to socio-economic factors and technological limitations in various global regions. Biorithm is committed to solving this issue through collaboration with healthcare ecosystems.
  • Future Plans: Completed clinical trials in Singapore and the UK, expanding clinical trials to priority markets, and focusing on forging partnerships globally to enhance women’s health through data-driven and personalized care.

Biorithm’s journey is driven by a dedication to revolutionize maternal and baby health. With innovative technology and a commitment to collaboration, they aim to create a world where preventable complications during pregnancy are a thing of the past.

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