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Midjourney, a renowned player in the AI image generation field with over 17.5 million users, has recently introduced an “alpha” version of its website— This new platform will allow users to generate imagery directly on the website, moving away from the previous Discord-based model.

Key features of the Alpha version include:

  • Direct Image Generation: Users can create images right on the website, offering a more streamlined and accessible experience.
  • Eligibility: Initially, the alpha version is available to users who have generated more than 10,000 images on Midjourney. However, the platform plans to expand access to a wider audience in the coming month.
  • Image Count: Users can check their generated image count by logging into Midjourney on Discord and issuing the “/info” command.
  • Design Interface: The Alpha website boasts a clean, minimalist design with a user-friendly interface. An “Imagine” tab allows users to directly input their creative prompts.

The new web interface introduces significant changes compared to the previous Discord model. Users can now:

  • Adjust Prompt Settings: Instead of typing text commands, users can adjust their prompt settings visually, making the process more intuitive.
  • View Image History: The platform offers a reverse-chronological view of all generated images, complete with ongoing generation jobs.
  • Search Prompts: Users can search image prompts by keywords, viewing all public images generated with the chosen word.

Despite its impressive features, the Alpha version does have limitations—the images created on the web interface do not appear in the Midjourney Discord Bot chat.

The new interface bears resemblance to Visual Electric, an open-source image generation web service. However, Midjourney’s Alpha website aims to set itself apart with a superior quality image generation model.

Despite the legal challenges facing AI image generation services, Midjourney continues to innovate and promises more to come, including an iOS app and web folders per user feedback.

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