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Durable, a Canada-based startup, is revolutionizing the way small businesses operate with its AI-powered business tools. Recently, it raised a significant $14 million in a Series A funding round.

  • Investors: Noteworthy investors include Spark Capital, Torch Capital, Altman Capital, Dash Fund, South Park Commons, Infinity Ventures, and Soma Capital.
  • AI-powered Tools: Durable developed an AI website creator and several other tools to facilitate small businesses in planning, creating, and managing their apps.
  • Growth & Development: Despite launching only a year ago, Durable’s AI website builder has already been instrumental in creating more than 6 million websites, catering especially to businesses without an online presence. The vision is to create an AI assistant that provides proactive business recommendations. A beta version of this “automated, proactive assistant” is expected to release in about three months.
  • Addressing Needs: Durable’s AI assistant will be customized to cater to specific user profiles. Be it bakers, builders, or body conditioners, each will receive tailored assistance. Apart from its flagship website builder, Durable offers CRM platform, invoicing service, blog builder and an AI bot for business-related queries.
  • Opportunity Exploration: Durable’s AI application democratizes access to advanced business tools for SMBs, providing affordable solutions that were previously out of reach. It’s AI assistant is powered by OpenAI, making it an interesting startup to watch given OpenAI’s rising trajectory.

The aim is to bring small business owners and employees up-to-date with the latest technology. Durable’s AI tools not only provide cost-efficient solutions but also enable the company to scale its services to a fragmented customer base. The focus is on delivering high-quality services that were earlier only within the reach of enterprise customers. Thus, small businesses now have the opportunity to leverage advanced tools without breaking the bank.

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