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Helicity Space, a pioneering space-tech startup, has successfully secured seed funding of $5M. This promising venture is set to revolutionize deep space travel with its innovative fusion propulsion technology, previously only a concept in the realm of science fiction.

  • Background: Helicity Space was established in 2018 by Setthivoine You, a plasma physicist, along with Stephane Lintner and Marta Calvo, formerly of Boeing-Rocketdyne.
  • Take Off: The team has developed a unique approach to fusion propulsion that leverages plasma jets. This method, according to Lintner, is particularly well-suited for space travel where the vacuum provides the perfect environment for these plasma jets. Unlike other fusion technology efforts, Helicity’s main objective is focused on propelling spaceships, not terrestrial applications or power generation.
  • Investor Line-Up: A notable group of investors, including Airbus Ventures, TRE Advisors, Voyager Space Holdings, E2MC Space, Urania Ventures and Gaingels, have backed the Pasadena-based company.
  • Funding Allocation: The funding will be used to create a proof-of-concept fusion drive on a small scale, demonstrating the viability of their technology.

The company’s long-term vision is to see a fully operational prototype in space within the next decade. However, Lintner acknowledges that there are still uncertainties to address, not only technically but also in understanding the emerging market for fusion drives.

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