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Founded by Devin BhushanSquint is a platform designed to facilitate business workflows through AR. By simply pointing their devices at any object, users can trigger a set of detailed instructions or maintenance logs associated with that object. Additionally, Squint’s AI capabilities can anticipate users’ needs and provide relevant suggestions.

  • Current customer base: The platform has been adopted by enterprises, including Volvo, Siemens, Colgate-Palmolive, Michelin, and Berkshire Hathaway Energy, to streamline their factory and industrial operations.
  • Growth and future prospects: Squint recently secured a Series A investment of $13M, lead by Sequoia with participation from Menlo Ventures. This funding will be utilized to support ongoing technological development and business expansion. While the primary focus is on B2B services, Squint aims to eventually replace conventional search bars, thereby saving substantial time spent in data and information retrieval.
  • Origin and evolution: Bhushan’s inspiration for Squint came during his tenure as an Engineering Manager at Splunk, where he worked on the Splunk AR project. Although the project was successful, Bhushan noticed potential applications beyond data visualization, which propelled him to establish Squint.
  • Unique features and advantages: Contrary to traditional methods such as pre-loaded apps or QR codes, Squint offers a more dynamic and precise solution. The platform enables businesses to create custom workflows linked to specific tasks or machine components. The system’s AI capabilities not only recognize objects but also generate potential user workflows and provide interactive Q&A support.

Squint’s approach to AR and AI integration is bound to change traditional work methods, particularly hands-on roles. As technology continues to permeate all facets of our lives, tools like Squint underscore the potential for smart solutions that enhance efficiency and productivity.

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