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Amazon has unveiled its new workplace chatbot, Amazon Q. The chatbot is designed to assist corporate clients in searching for information, coding, and reviewing business metrics. This move marks Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) latest effort to integrate generative artificial intelligence into its product portfolio.

  • AI Initiatives: The AI-powered chatbot will offer a solution to workplace applications that typically fall short of providing useful services. Earlier this year, Amazon introduced Bedrock, a software tool that simplifies the use of large language models from various companies. The initial response received mixed reviews.
  • Initiative Update: Amazon reported that Bedrock is now serving more than 10,000 customers, including Pfizer Inc. Alongside the new versions of its homegrown chips, the company expanded its partnership with Nvidia Corp., a top provider of AI chips.
  • AI Collaborations: The company’s collaboration with AI startup Anthropic, backed by up to $4B from Amazon, was highlighted by Adam Selipsky.
  • Amazon Q: The chatbot was partially trained using AWS’s internal code and documentation and will be available for developers using the company’s cloud and will also be integrated into Amazon’s business intelligence software. Amazon Q can be customized to consider corporate data or an individual’s profile and will start at $20 per user, per month.

Despite the success, Amazon’s AI tools lack the name recognition and customer base of rival products like Microsoft’s Office or Google’s Gmail. AWS is looking to change this with its latest set of products.

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