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Indonesia’s aquatech scene is buzzing with recent funding news. Jala has managed to secure a significant investment of $13.1M in a Series A round. The major contributors to this round were Intudo Ventures and Sinar Mas Digital Ventures, joined by Mirova and Meloy Fund who had previously invested in Jala.

  • Upcoming Features: The funding is projected to bolster Jala’s platform, introducing detailed forecasts covering aspects like cultivation performance, water quality, and shrimp disease. An enhancement of automatic data input capabilities is on the table, focusing on shrimp weight and feed data.
  • History: Jala was established in 2017 by Aryo Wiryawan and Liris Maduningtyas. Its app allows farmers to monitor and analyze shrimp farming activities in real time. To date, the firm has successfully monitored shrimp across 35,000+ water bodies for approximately 20,000 users.
  • Other Services: Jala also provides Jala Smartfarm, a credit-scoring service empowering farmers with access to financial resources. A unique service, Jala Harvest, assists farmers in getting their produce to the market.

This funding news underscores the evolving aquatech landscape in Indonesia and the growing investor interest in this sector.

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