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Institutional real estate investors have traditionally found it challenging to acquire significant quantities of family homes, often referred to as the ‘Single Family rental sector’. The goal? To build a rentier economy, ensuring millions remain tethered to the rental market. Several startups, however, are looking to streamline the process.

  • A New Contender: DoorFeed, has entered this rapidly expanding market. Founded by James Kirimy, an early Uber UK employee, DoorFeed has secured a new funding round of €7M Seed extension round led by Motive Ventures with contributions from Stride VC and Seedcamp.
  • Previous Funding: Previously, they’ve raised a €3.5M seed led by Stride and Seedcamp in 2021, and a €1.5M debt financing by BPI France in 2022.
  • What They Offer: The startup provides a data platform and operational support for investment funds to compile and manage extensive portfolios of apartments and houses. Additionally, it identifies properties with poor energy performance for renovation, potentially leading to the unlocking of ESG credits from governments. Its revenue streams comprise a sourcing fee, a renovation management fee, and an annual property and asset management fee.

Zooming out to the broader market, these companies are tapping into a lucrative trend. According to JLL, investment in European living assets outstripped all other real estate asset classes in the second quarter, reaching €10.6B, with 20% of the market comprised of buy-to-let investors.

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