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In another milestone for African startups, Cameroonian health-focused company Waspito recently landed a $2.5M seed extension from a consortium of investors, including DP World, Newtown Partners, Saviu Ventures, AAIC Investment, Axian Ventures, and CFAO’s Health54.

  • What is Waspito: Waspito, founded by Jean Lobe Lobe in early 2020, is a health-focused social network enabling users (patients) to consult with verified doctors via video calls. It also supports sample collection from patients’ homes and medication delivery.
  • Growth and Expansion: The startup expanded into Ivory Coast earlier this year, piloting a unique hybrid model, and has plans to launch in Senegal and Gabon, backed by funds from its recent rounds.
  • A Different Approach to Telemedicine: Waspito’s unique selling proposition lies in its instantaneous consultations. Users can connect with doctors immediately instead of having to pre-book a meeting.
  • Partnership and Integration: Waspito has formed alliances with local hospitals and laboratories, ensuring that patient care continues seamlessly after online consultations. The platform also supports payments through various methods, including insurance.
  • Awards and Achievements: Waspito was recently declared the best health startup in Africa at this year’s VivaTech awards. It has successfully reached 650,000 users in Cameroon and Ivory Coast and facilitated 60,000 consultations.
  • The Hybrid Model: Waspito is piloting a hybrid model in Ivory Coast where it has established mini-clinics within the branch network of La Poste Corporation. These sites, manned by nurses, enable patients to connect with doctors virtually and access other healthcare services, thus reaching a wider offline population.

Waspito’s innovative approach to telemedicine, supported by its recent funding, is set to make healthcare more accessible across Francophone Africa. With its hybrid model, the startup is also poised to bridge the digital divide, extending quality healthcare to offline users in a region where there are fewer than two doctors for every 10,000 people.

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