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There have been reports of discussions underway between Sam Altman, a member of the OpenAI board, and the company’s current interim CEO about a potential reinstatement of Altman. This news comes from Bloomberg and sources who wish to remain anonymous due to the confidential nature of the talks.

  • Key Players: The discussions involve Sam Altman, interim CEO Emmett Shear, board member Adam D’Angelo, and several of OpenAI’s investors.
  • Investors’ Stand: A number of OpenAI’s investors, including Thrive Capital, Khosla Ventures, and Tiger Global Management, are pushing for Altman’s reinstatement.
  • Altman’s Role: If Altman were to return, it would be as CEO. One proposed scenario would also see him serve as a director on a transitional board.
  • New Board Members: Former Salesforce Inc. co-CEO Bret Taylor could also serve as a director on the new board.
  • Employee Reactions: The majority of employees have expressed their intention to quit if Altman is not reinstated.
  • Following Altman’s Firing: Following the firing of Altman on Friday, the board had largely refused to engage with him until Monday. The incident has left the company in a state of uncertainty with intense scrutiny on the board’s decision.
  • Vague Reasons: Despite stating that Altman wasn’t “consistently candid in his communications,” the board hasn’t provided any concrete reason for his removal, leaving an information vacuum. Even interim CEO Shear is reported to be in the dark regarding the board’s reasoning.

The board’s decision has put a significant strain on the company’s relationship with its largest investor, Microsoft. Its CEO, Satya Nadella, claims that he has been given no explanation about the sudden firing.

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