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HSBC, the global banking giant, has recently joined forces with Antler, a leading early-stage VC firm. This exciting collaboration aims to significantly expand HSBC’s influence within Southeast Asia’s burgeoning startup scene.

  • Access to Financial Expertise: Startups can take advantage of HSBC’s stable of financial experts and avail themselves of custom banking solutions tailored to their unique needs.
  • Venture Debt and Working Capital Facilities: Beneficiaries of this partnership will enjoy dedicated financial support, helping them to scale and develop their businesses.
  • Initiatives for Growth: HSBC and Antler will jointly host several initiatives such as workshops, mentorship programs, and networking events, aimed to foster growth, learning, and collaboration.
  • From Antler: Deepak Jayaraman, Antler’s global head of business development, underscored the potential of this alliance, stating that it will provide startup companies with an extensive international network of capital experts and a multitude of financing options, expediting their growth immensely.
  • From HSBC: HSBC demonstrated its commitment to supporting new-economy businesses in 2021, launching a remarkable $200M lending fund specifically designed for pre-profit companies in Singapore eyeing expansion in Southeast Asia and beyond.

Antler, a VC firm known for its hands-on approach, supports startups from their inception – right from the idea formation stage and becomes an investor upon these companies’ official launch. They review an astounding 5,000 applications in Singapore alone, with the global tally reaching upwards of 120,000.

Their portfolio comprises numerous promising startups such as eSIM subscription firm Airalo, tech and lifestyle marketplace Reebelo, and enterprise-focused fintech firm Volopay.

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