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Etaily, an e-commerce enablement platform that assists global brands in establishing and scaling their e-commerce operations. The Philippine-based startup, founded in 2020, recently garnered a $17.8M investment in a Series A funding round.

  • Investors: The funding was led by Taiwanese and Chinese private equity firm SKS Capital and Singapore’s Pavilion Capital. Other significant contributors included SBI ICCP (a joint venture between ICCP Venture Partners and SBI Holdings), Kaya Founders, as well as the Magsaysay and Chan families.
  • Services: Etaily offers end-to-end solutions for e-commerce and omnichannel global brands along with its own portfolio. Some of their 50 global clients include well-known names like Levi’s, Crocs, Reckitt, and Skechers.
  • Performance: They have processed over 10 million orders and expect to reach gross sales of $40M this year, with a target of $100M by 2025.
  • Vertically Integrated Services: Etaily creates a seamless shopping experience by selling its own brands and luxury 3rd party brands across over 200 storefronts. These operate both on various e-commerce platforms and standalone websites, encapsulating a broad consumer market.
  • Technology Empowerment: Clarity, Etaily’s proprietary end-to-end e-commerce technology, drives these storefronts. This comprehensive operating ecosystem provides fully integrated trading and marketing modules, ensuring a smooth retail experience.
  • Brand Building and Content Creation: Etaily steps beyond conventional retail operations by offering product development services. By leveraging its consumer and market data, the company can innovate and mould products that cater to the evolving needs of the market. Through Etaily Studios, the company provides digital brand building and content creation. This service bolsters the online presence of brands, enhancing their reach and engagement in the digital space.
  • CEO’s Background: Etaily’s CEO, Alexander Friedhoff, has a rich background in retail, ranging from manufacturing to business development and e-commerce implementation. Friedhoff chose to launch in the Philippines due to Southeast Asia being one of the fastest-growing consumer markets globally.

The Series A funding will be used to expand Etaily’s presence in Southeast Asia, work on its distribution platform for brands, expand its portfolio, and invest in its proprietary tech, including an operating system, data analytics, and Clarity.

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