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The concept of a universal translator, often featured in speculative fiction, is becoming an achievable reality, thanks largely to advancements in artificial intelligence (AI). The year 2022 marked the launch of ChatGPT, an exciting development in this evolving landscape.

  • More on DeepL: DeepL, which started as a basic website in 2017, now supports 31 languages and offers a paid service to over 20,000 clients. The company plans to establish its first US office in January. DeepL’s effectiveness has been lauded in sectors such as education, healthcare, and finance, even outperforming Google Translate in English-to-Polish translation tests.
  • Exclusive Focus: With recent funding of a staggering €1B ($1.1B), DeepL’s team of 700 is exclusively dedicated to eliminating language barriers in business meetings and other professional contexts.
  • Integration with Apps: In the long-term, DeepL envisions extending this voice interpreter feature to its own app and other popular services like Zoom. This would vastly augment the reach and applicability of DeepL’s technology, making multilingual communication in virtual meetings a breeze.
  • Systems in Place: DeepL utilizes specially crafted web crawlers for sourcing and assessing translations online and engages thousands of contractors for human feedback to train its models. The company’s utilization of neural networks ensures translations that are contextually aware.

The global translation services market is projected to surpass $44B in the next decade, primarily propelled by organizations seeking cost-effective alternatives to human translators. DeepL’s CEO, Jarek Kutylowski, is confident in their ability to compete with companies like Google.

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