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Bee Partners, an investor in deep-tech startups, has successfully closed its fourth fund at $50M. This fund, oversubscribed, showcases the firm’s commitment to support innovations in key areas like artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, and frontier technologies.

  • Bee Partners’ increased deal flow: Despite a slowdown in funding, the firm has experienced a 40% increase in deal flow YoY. Additionally, deep tech still holds the second position as the most invested sector in Q2 of 2023, right after energy.
  • A unique funding approach: Bee Partners stands out with its readiness to write large checks even at the pre-seed level. “No capital, no customers, no code, no problem,” says managing partner Michael Berolzheimer. The firm is comfortable investing in teams with strong ideas, even those that are not yet incorporated.
  • The partnership model: The firm’s strategy is not just about providing capital. Each portfolio company gets to work with the entire team of partners, thus living up to the firm’s name.
  • Recent investments: Bee Partners IV has already invested 20% of the fund in nine companies, including Nova, a company working on tools for brand integrity protection, and, a fermentation technology company.
  • Fund size and focus: The firm’s fourth fund is their largest yet, bringing their total commitments to over $130M. The average investment is around $800,000, with a strong focus on supporting founders from inception to Series A.

With a matriculation rate over 60% to Series A, Bee Partners is resolute in maintaining the firm’s concentrated approach, aiming to invest in 25 companies per fund over around four years.

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