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Humane has officially launched the Ai Pin, a small device that attaches to the wearer’s lapel, collecting and processing data through its onboard camera.

  • AI Integration: Humane believes this device, powered by Qualcomm and AI, could one day replace smartphones.
  • Resemblance to Narrative Clip: The Ai Pin somewhat resembles the Narrative Clip, a lifelogging camera. It features a camera, microphone, and motion sensors.
  • Voice Control and Personic Speaker: Voice control is central to the product, and it communicates with the wearer via a “personic speaker” or paired Bluetooth headphones.
  • Laser Ink Display: A unique aspect is the Laser Ink Display, projecting incoming call texts onto the wearer’s palm.
  • Battery and Design: The device comes with a battery booster, enabling users to swap power sources on the go. It boasts a two-piece design, consisting of the main computer and a battery booster.
  • Trust Light: The system has a “Trust Light” to indicate when it’s recording, a feature that respects privacy concerns.
  • AI Software Framework: The system runs on Cosmos, a proprietary operating system infused with AI. It quickly understands user needs, connecting them to the right AI experience or service instantly.
  • Collaboration with Microsoft and OpenAI: Humane has collaborated with Microsoft and OpenAI, giving Ai Pin access to some of the world’s most powerful AI models and platforms.
  • Funding: With a total of $230M raised so far, including a recent $100M Series C round in March, Humane is poised to redefine the tech landscape.

Humane’s Ai Pin is a standalone device and doesn’t need to be paired with a smartphone. It is an early use case for AI technologies capturing the tech world’s imagination.

The hype surrounding this device is not unprecedented and has attracted investors like Sam Altman, Microsoft, and Marc Benioff. It remains to be seen if the world is ready to move beyond smartphones towards devices like Humane’s Ai Pin.

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