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As the cryptocurrency market navigates a challenging landscape, Faction Ventures, a venture capital firm with a focus on blockchain, is making bold moves. The firm has recently unveiled its first fund, totaling an impressive $285M.

  • Primary Focus: Faction Ventures primarily concentrates on early-stage blockchain initiatives looking to secure seed or Series A funding.
  • Initial Investments: Already, nearly one-fifth of the fund’s capital has been invested across several projects.
  • Deployment Timeline: The firm plans a roughly three-year deployment schedule, although this may adjust according to the investment climate.
  • Overfunding Success: Faction Ventures initially aimed to raise $250M, but overshot this target by 14%.
  • Investor Base: The fund’s Limited Partners (LPs) largely consist of institutional and strategic investors, complemented by family offices and friends.
  • Scale and Control: The firm is determined to be sizable enough to lead seed rounds and early Series As, whilst maintaining significant influence when collaborating with companies to assist their scaling.
  • Flexible Investment Approach: Faction Ventures doesn’t set strict criteria for check size or ownership. It funds either tokens or equity, with an average check size of $5 to $10M, typically securing a leading investor position.
  • Expert Leadership: The firm is helmed by seasoned professionals from significant crypto entities such as Coinbase,, and Amber Group.
  • Collaborative Ventures: Faction Ventures has established a joint venture with Lightspeed Venture Partners, allowing it to tap into the venture firm’s platform.
  • Market Timing: Despite current market fluctuations, Faction Ventures is focused on long-term investments, ready to seize opportunities while others may be hesitant.

The firm’s management team believes that current market conditions are ideal for investments. Rather than trying to time the market, Faction Ventures remains fully committed to its decade-long investment horizon.

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