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Introducing Ozone, an innovative AI-powered cloud-based video editor that is set to revolutionize content creation.

  • Seed Funding and Launch: Recently securing $7.1M in seed funding, the Y Combinator alumnus has announced its open beta launch.
  • AI-Assisted Video Editing: Ozone’s solution is designed to take over tedious editing chores, freeing creators to focus on the creative aspect.
  • Protection of Human Creativity: The platform doesn’t aim to replace human creativity. Instead, it offers tools to produce engaging videos swiftly and efficiently.
  • Founder’s Vision: Ozone was conceived by Max von Wolff in 2021. During his time at MIT, von Wolff was inspired to create cloud-based creativity software to help individuals reach their creative peak, leading him to drop out and enroll in Y Combinator.
  • Key Features: The platform offers a range of advanced features including automatic removal of silences, addition of captions and animations, color correction, and more.
  • Expert Team: The nine-person Ozone team includes experts from Adobe,, InVision, and Disney.
  • Target Audience: Initially, Ozone targets content marketers and creators making short-form content for apps like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. As more advanced editing capabilities are added, the company plans to target creators of longer content.
  • Professional-Grade Features: Ozone offers professional-grade features akin to Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro but aims to simplify their use and facilitate collaboration.
  • Freemium Business Model: Once publicly launched, Ozone plans to operate on a freemium business model with a $29/month charge for individual Pro users and an undisclosed enterprise pricing for companies.

The funding will be used to build the platform and add more features, including additional AI functionality set to launch in the coming months. The team also plans to expand to more industries and use cases within the platform.

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