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Loi Luu, co-founder of Kyber Network, a blockchain startup, is stepping into a new venture – Caliber. This project aims to create consumer-friendly apps and infrastructure within the crypto space.

  • Caliber’s Mission: Caliber is dedicated to working with Web3 founders who are at the forefront of creating services aimed specifically at the upcoming surge of crypto retail consumers, as explained by Luu in a LinkedIn post.
  • Support System: The studio offers its unwavering support to these projects from their nascent stages, through series A funding rounds, and beyond. Caliber brings more to the table than just financial support. It offers assistance in areas such as design, engineering, finance, and operations.
  • Company Incubation: The company believes in a hands-on approach to venture building, intending to work closely with founders and participate actively in day-to-day operations for a period of six to nine months.
  • Previous Projects: The team at Caliber boasts members who have successfully executed projects like Zilliqa and Instadapp.

The inception of Caliber came after Luu stepped down from his position as CEO of Kyber Network in January 2022. He now holds the position of chairman at Kyber Group, which houses the Web3 wallet Krystal and investment division Kyber Ventures.

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