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Today OpenAI unleashed its popular conversational AI system, ChatGPT, opening doors for anyone to create their very own version of the system. This new development in AI technology, GPTs, presents the exciting prospect of not only creating custom AIs for personal use but also the chance to publish and potentially profit from them on a platform called the GPT Store.

  • GPT Store: OpenAI is providing the tools to build custom versions of ChatGPT, called GPTs, that can be tailored for specific uses. No coding experience is required, and the complexity of the GPT can be adjusted based on the user’s needs.
  • How To Create Your Own AI: These GPTs can be created by simply conversing with ChatGPT and explaining what you need. For instance, a GPT could be developed to track your recipes or to answer queries about a complex fantasy series.
  • Training Commencement: GPTs can even be trained on a company’s proprietary code, enabling others to quickly check their style or generate compatible code.
  • Open Date: The GPT Store, a platform for distributing and monetizing these custom GPTs, will be opening later this month.
  • Revenue Scheme: OpenAI has plans to financially reward creators of the most used and useful GPTs with a share of their revenue. The revenue model is still under development, with plans to evolve from a simple revenue-sharing model to potentially allowing subscriptions to individual GPTs.

OpenAI’s move to establish itself as a platform independent from existing app stores may potentially lead to conflicts with companies like Apple and Microsoft.

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