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Recovering from major system failures can be an uphill struggle when you don’t have the necessary visibility into your software and critical infrastructure. As per a survey conducted by, an observability platform provider, a staggering 64% of businesses reported a mean recovery time of over an hour, primarily owing to challenges in accessing requisite data to diagnose root causes.

  • Solution to the Problem: Numerous vendors in the observability market promise definitive solutions, but Krishna Yadappanavar, a former co-founder of a startup, Springpath (acquired by Cisco for $320M in 2017), envisioned something different.
  • The Team: Along with Springpath colleague Ashish Hanwadikar and Pankaj Thakkar, a former engineer at VMware, Yadappanavar established Kloudfuse, offering an array of data observability tools across diverse computing environments.
  • Funding Status: Kloudfuse, (yes, it’s spelled with a “K”), recently came into the spotlight with a funding of $23M, including a Series A round of $17M led by Newlands and backed by Blumberg Capital, Aspenwood Ventures, High Sage, and Exponent.
  • Kloudfuse Mission: To make unified cloud observability accessible and scalable, allowing enterprises to manage increased cardinality, gain control, and cut costs. Kloudfuse’s unique platform empowers clients to examine metrics, events, logs, and traces from various software applications and systems, with automatic alerts signaling potential issues.
  • Revenue and Clientele: Despite competition from players like Acceldata, Sifflet, Observe, and Manta, Kloudfuse has seen its revenue triple over the past two quarters, with big names like Workday, GE HealthCare, and Automation Anywhere joining their client roster.

Kloudfuse aims to utilize the funds from the recent round to expand its product management, marketing, and sales teams, as shared by Yadappanavar.

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