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Singapore’s e-commerce facilitator, AnyMind Group, has recently announced an expansion into South Korea, opening a new office in Seoul. This move comes as part of the Tokyo-listed company’s continued growth, now operating in a total of 14 global markets.

  • Korea Team: A dedicated team will be established in Korea to expedite the development of the local network. This network comprises publishers, creators, e-commerce platforms, and logistics services.
  • Services: AnyMind will begin offering its comprehensive suite of services, such as the digital marketing platform AnyDigital, international shipping platform AnyLogi, social commerce arm AnyChat, and the ecommerce management tool AnyX. These services will provide Korean businesses with a gateway to AnyMind’s extensive local networks across the Asia Pacific region.
  • Creating Connections: Through AnyX, clients can connect with major ecommerce platforms such as Amazon, TikTok Shop, Shopee, and Lazada and gain access to AnyLogi and AnyChat.
  • History: Since its inception in 2016, AnyMind has partnered with high-profile companies like Grab, TikTok, and Traveloka. The company also collaborated with Shein in the Philippines to promote the fashion retailer’s app via the influencer marketing platform, AnyTag.

AnyMind’s expansion follows a series of acquisitions in global markets including Japan, India, Thailand, and Hong Kong. The company has recently acquired the Indonesian e-commerce facilitator – Digital Distribusi Indonesia.

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