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Introducing Roposo, an entertainment platform from India. With its recent expansion into Indonesia, it continues to be a hub of creativity and community, amidst the ongoing TikTok Shop ban.

  • Intentions and Goals: Roposo’s aim in Indonesia is to foster growth and cultivate a vibrant community of creators, asserts Mansi Jain, the SVP and General Manager of Roposo.
  • Origins: In India, Roposo is more than a platform for engaging videos; it is an e-commerce titan, boasting over 100,000 transactions daily from a staggering 80 million active users. Roposo’s rise to fame was amplified last year when TikTok departed from the Indian market, leading to Roposo becoming the favored app for dynamic and imaginative content.
  • Following Footsteps: As a subsidiary of Glance, an AI startup that delivers personalized content on device lock screens, Roposo is closely following in its parent company’s footsteps.
  • Diving Into Numbers: Roposo has been conducting 40+ daily livestreams on Glance in Indonesia, accruing a daily viewership of nearly 1 million. The goal is a ten-fold increase to 10 million within a year. With 200 creators already utilizing Roposo in Indonesia, the company aims to collaborate with 1,000 more within the next three to four quarters.

Roposo has no immediate plans to venture into the broader Southeast Asian market, instead, it is honing its focus on the high-growth potential of the Indonesian market.

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