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Vircle, a pioneering neobanking startup based in Malaysia, is changing the way children manage money. Launched in 2019 by Gokula Krishnan, Vircle provides a unique platform that allows parents to guide their child’s financial journey.

  • Recent Funding: Vircle recently secured undisclosed seed funding from state-owned VC fund Kumpulan Modal Perdana (KMP) and Gobi Partners, which invested through the Gobi Dana Impak Ventures (GDIV) fund.
  • Funding Allocation: The funds are designated for expanding Vircle’s services to public schools across Malaysia.
  • Product Features: Vircle’s main offerings include a child-safe Visa prepaid card and parental control technology to monitor and manage children’s expenses.
  • Goals and Ambitions: The startup’s mission is to instill sound lifelong financial habits in children, and it currently serves families from 130 different nationalities.

They have also set an ambitious goal to bank one million Malaysian children and three million children across Southeast Asia in the next five years. To achieve this goal, Vircle is keen on continuous innovation and close collaboration with both parents and regulators.

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