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With a deep-seated love for thermodynamics, SkyCell, a Swiss firm, is providing a ‘cool ride’ to vaccines as they journey across the world. Their solution is a rather ingenious, temperature-controlled transport system.

  • Temperature is Key: SkyCell’s containers maintain precise temperatures, vital for the effectiveness of these lifesaving vaccines.
  • Beyond Pandemics: Even outside of pandemic times, SkyCell transports a staggering $1.5 billion worth of pharmaceutical products monthly. And despite a slowdown due to the pandemic, they are back on track with their typical growth rate of 40-50%.
  • Cost of Coolness: SkyCell just secured an additional $57M in funding, driving its valuation to an impressive $600M. Catalyst, a branch of M&G Investments, along with other undisclosed investors, have contributed to this round.
  • Smart Boxes for a Smart Business: SkyCell’s “smart” box, which has an impressive 180-hour runtime, is the secret behind their success. As per CEO Richard Ettl, things tend to go wrong “all the time,” and this high-tech solution proves to be a game-changer, not only for the business but also for our environment. Traditional disposable containers contribute to an alarming $35B in product spoilage annually.

With a decade-long history, SkyCell is now focusing on sustainability, aiming for a CO2-neutral supply chain. They’ve brought onboard Dr. Remo Gerber, ex-European business head of Gett, as their new CFO.

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