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Orbit Startups, a global venture capital (VC) fund with a focus on emerging and frontier markets, has unveiled its fifth batch of exciting startups. This round sees nine firms, each receiving seed funding to the tune of approximately $180,000.

  • Portfolio Background: The companies represent a wide variety of sectors: from healthtech, agritech, mobility, to fintech. The startups are globally diverse, hailing from countries including Thailand, Bangladesh, and the United Arab Emirates.
  • Who is Orbit? Orbit Startups was born as a program by SOSV, with a mission to spur growth of innovative solutions across Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America.Beyond financial support, Orbit also offers its startups potential follow-on investment opportunities.
  • Minds Behind the Vision: The VC fund is spearheaded by general partners William Bao Bean and Oscar Ramos, both of whom boast two decades of investing experience in high-growth markets. They are also venture partners at SOSV.

The startups in Orbit’s latest cohort include:

  • BeeCuick (Mexico): BeeCuick enables suppliers to view hotels’ real-time procurement needs, offer their products and expedite the sales process with greater ease and transparency.
  • Efinti (Colombia): Efinti helps SMEs access affordable loans with its infrastructure to secure assets in a compliant manner from global crypto investors, who are looking for less volatile assets.
  • Fashol (Bangladesh): Fashol advances the fresh produce chain by minimizing food waste to only 4% and boosting farmers’ income by an average of 30%.
  • MedEasy (Bangladesh): MedEasy offers comprehensive solutions for individuals seeking healthcare services. From purchasing prescribed medicines to accessing consultations with registered doctors across medical specialties.
  • MyAlice (United Arab Emirates): MyAlice is a conversational commerce platform that automates customer support and marketing for eCommerce and DTC brands.
  • Pyxis (Kenya): By securely integrating with payment institutions across Africa and Asia, Pyxis enables direct and secure payments, reducing currency risk.
  • Sage Health (Thailand): Sage Health’s platform empowers healthcare organizations to effectively manage, analyze, and gain valuable insights from large amounts of patient data, electronic health records, and medical imaging.
  • Umrah Companions (Saudi Arabia): Umrah Companions simplifies the pilgrimage experience for the 1.5M Muslims who visit Mecca multiple times a year. They handle all aspects of planning, travel, and post-travel needs, including flights, bookings, local guidance, and e-visa.
  • Weego (Morocco): Weego is revolutionizing transportation in Africa by providing a one-stop solution for planning, booking, and paying for both public and private transportation.
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